A team of educators from the Bethel School District and the Sumner School District created Google Slideshow presentations for each lesson in K-5 Eureka Math. These presentations were designed to follow the Eureka Math Teacher's Edition very closely. The intent is that teachers can download, copy, and customize these presentations to meet the needs of each unique classroom.

Each link will take you to a "view only" Google Slideshow. To make changes to the presentation, select "Make a Copy" from the "File" menu within Google Slides. Rename the file. You now have a copy of the lesson that can be customized to meet the needs of your students.

These presentations can be used as Google Slides, or downloaded as PowerPoint.

All Module 3 Presentations

1.M.3 Lesson1_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson2_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson3_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson4_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson5_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson6_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson7_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson8_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson9_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson10_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson11_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson12_BSDSSD
1.M.3 Lesson13_BSDSSD

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