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About the EngageNY Washington State Math Users' Group

We are a community of educators committed to improving math instruction and assessment to help students meet the Washington state learning standards through the use of EngageNY/Eureka Math.

Our work centers on the following actions that we believe will help achieve this goal:
  • Pooling quality resources to support EngageNY and Eureka Math teaching and assessment practices
  • Providing an opportunity for collaboration and support among teachers from across the state
  • Sharing best practices in math instruction as guided by the NCTM’s Principles to Actions
  • Communicating details of successful implementation strategies
  • Ensuring all resources posted are openly licensed so they can be freely and legally shared and adapted

This website is intended to be supplemental to EngageNY and Eureka Math. All resources posted here should be openly-licensed so they can be freely shared with other educators and parents interested in effective implementation of the EngageNY or Eureka math curriculum.

EngageNY Mathematics is curriculum covering grades P-12 addressing Common Core State Learning Standards developed for New York State Education Department.

Information about the connection between Eureka Math and EngageNY

Using this Site

  • Anyone can view this site and download resources.
  • Before adding resources, please refer to User Group Guidelines

Please note that is an evolving resource. Currently there are districts at work with the specific goal of curating and uploading middle and high school instructional materials.
If your district has materials to share in this area, consider joining the user group.

Resources by Grade Level or Subject

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