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Year Long Planning Tools

A variety of tools are available to aid in understanding A Story of Functions for each grade level, lesson structure, and more. You can find these at both and


Great Minds (Eureka) *

* You must set up a free account to access these materials from Great Minds. Once registered, go to the Module PDFs section, and select version 2.

Module Planning Resources

These resources are designed to aid teachers & grade level teams in examining standards, analyzing the Mid- and End-of-Module Assessments, and planning lessons for success on the assessments. Begin with the Module Planning Protocol, which explains the process. The Module Planning Matrix provides a form for recording thinking.

Materials and Manipulatives

Eureka Math provides a year-long list of materials for high school. Register with Eureka to access the list. Registration is free.

Year-Long Materials List

Parent Resources

Great Minds (Eureka Math) provides free resources for parents at This site includes K-12 Homework Helpers, K-7 Grade Roadmap, K-8 Module Tip Sheets that can be copied and sent to families at the beginning of each module.

Additional EngageNY parent resources can be accessed at

Register with Eureka to access the list. Registration is free.

Learning Progressions for the Year


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

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